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Android lockscreen app that rewards user

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AGILA Rewards @ Philippines, 2016

SwipeRich Partners with Philippines #1 Mobile Provider - MyPhone to launch Lock Screen Rewards Apps to its millions of users


CepatSwipe @ Indonesia, 2017

SwipeRich is excited to partner with Indonesia largest digital advertising company AMG (Alternative Media Group) to introduce its Proven Mobile Lock Screen Advertising to Indonesian Community!

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  • Personalized Content

    Right Content, Right Time, Right Place.

  • True Engagement

    No more accidental clicks. Simply swipe left to view ads!

  • Trending News

    No time to read? Simply swipe left to follow trending news.

  • Ads that Pay $$

    Swipe left, Read Ads, Get reward points & Win lucky draw!

  • Maximum Brand Exposure through Full-Screen Ads

    Beautiful Creatives, Proven Effectiveness, Maximum Exposure.

  • Engaging Games

    Fun games right from your lock screen!


What is SwipeRich?
We deliver relevant advertisements and content you care about to your lock screen in a big, beautiful imagery based on your interests and profile. Stay up to date on what’s happening in the world through trending news we deliver.
While we would like to support on all platform such as IOS, Android is the platform that provide more flexibility and control for us to deliver best user experience to users at lock screen. Besides, research shows Android has very high penetration in Philippines market (close to 90%).
Users can earn rewards points by swiping swipe-left on paid advertising contents that is indicated by the SwipeRich logo in the middle of the lock screen bar. User can earn P1 peso on each left-swipe on paid advertisement. Games & news are NOT paid contents. Users can subsequently redeem the reward points as mobile load. Detailed redemption mechanis please refer to individual country redemption method at or
SwipeRich delivers advertisement, news, games or other relevant contents at your lock screen every time you switch on your Android phone. By swiping left, you can engage with the contents which are personalized to your interests and profiles. Swiping right will unlock the phone as per normal.
Yes, you can use your Android phone default lock screen password mechanism to secure your lock screen as per normal. SwipeRich app will not compromise your device security.
How do i redeem the reward points?
SwipeRich is currently launched only in Philippines, hence only Philippines-based users are allowed and can redeem the rewards points. SwipeRich mobile app provides a redemption page that allows you to redeem your points. There are options to redeem through mobile-load or bank transfer. There is a minimum redemption amount that need to be fulfilled, i.e. 3000 point (equivalent of P300). Redemption requests can be submitted before every 15th of the month, and payout will be processed 30th onwards of the same month.
In SwipeRich we care about privacy, and we will only use your data to serve you the most relevant content, only when your consent is obtained.

Singapore HQ Office

  • Swiperich Pte. Ltd.
  • 22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76, Midview City, Singapore 573969
  • 732-555-1428 (Callback)
  • [email protected]

Philippines Office

  • Green Sun, 2285 Don Chino Roces Avenue Extension, 1231 Makati City, Philippines

Indonesia Office

  • Perwata Tower Lt.11 Suite E, Jalan Pluit Selatan Raya Kav.1 Kelurahan Penjaringan, Kecamatan Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia

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